Parkland Junior Maulers

Press release

**** For Immediate Release ****

July 29, 2020

Yorkton, SK –  There have been some presumptions with regard to our team’s participation in the North American Hockey Classic (NAHC) tournament in Winnipeg from July 16 to 19th. 

The coaching staff and management, in coordination with the parent group, made the decision to attend the tournament after reviewing communications from the Province of Saskatchewan, speaking to the Province of Manitoba about their guidelines and reviewing preventive measures put in place by the NAHC and the arenas to keep the players and families safe.

The Province of Saskatchewan provided communication in response to inquires prior to the tournament that stated:

“As discussed on the phone, the Sports and Activities Guidelines apply to events that are being organized and participated in Saskatchewan and apply to Saskatchewan. Under competition and gameplay, it states that tournaments and interprovincial competition are not permitted here in Saskatchewan. 

If you wish to travel to Manitoba to participate in an event there, then you must follow the guidelines laid out by the Province of Manitoba.”

Further to that communication, parents from our group called the government and received the same clarity on the guidelines as the team management did.

It’s important to note the following:

  • The Parkland Junior Maulers participated in this tournament after doing our due diligence and support received from the Province of Saskatchewan, the Province of Manitoba, and the NAHC.
  • Our group followed all guidelines and protocols provided to us by the Province of Saskatchewan, the Province of Manitoba, each arena, and the Return to Play Guidelines set out by the NAHC.
  • The team management and parents felt safe due to the preventive measures and protocols that were put in place and additional measures by our team. The preventive measures were at the same level or above what is in place in Saskatchewan.
  • Our organization was not contacted nor advised not to attend the tournament by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association.
  • The Parkland Junior Maulers attended this tournament with no secrecy. We attended this tournament following all guidelines and openly shared information including our attendance on social media.
  • The Jr Maulers team will not be attending any additional tournaments in the near future.
  • Our players are looking forward to attending camps this summer and the start of the new hockey season in the fall.

Any further inquires can be made by email to